Let’s Play! Our Favorite Indoor Toys

I am so happy it is Spring and warmer temperatures will soon be here. We had what will hopefully be our last snow over the past weekend and the kids sure have cabin fever. They are ready to play outside each day and Mom is ready for that too.

Today I thought I would share my family’s favorite indoor toys with you. This winter they’ve had quite a workout, but have never lost their fun.

Inflatable Ball Pit20190324_155310.jpgMy sister had given this to my daughter as a birthday gift on her first birthday. We didn’t get around to using it until this winter because Abby had received a smaller inflatable ball pit for the same birthday. That one slowly lost air and we couldn’t find the leak, so we brought out the big one. The kids go crazy for this! Every time we walk past the stairway to the basement they beg to go play in the ball pit. It is fun to watch them have such a great time, rolling around, throwing the balls, and trying to bounce each other. Find a similar one here, on Amazon.

Little Tykes Trampoline

Both kids absolutely love our Little Tykes trampoline. They could jump on it all day. The only problem is they both want to jump at the same time!

At one and a half, Oscar is still a little small for the trampoline, although he can reach the handle to hold on to. He likes to try to climb on while his sister is jumping, so I had to move it because I was worried that she wouldn’t notice and he would get hurt. It is now in the basement where we can make sure only one kid gets on at a time and I feel much better. You can find it here, on Amazon.

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Toyopoly Inflatable Horse Bouncer

I bought the Toyopoly Horse Bouncer as a Christmas gift for my son. My nephew had a similar toy when he was the same age and I remember him having a blast with it. Oscar absolutely adores his horse. He has tons of fun bouncing on it and he even loves to just sit on top and watch TV. My daughter also enjoys sitting on it and pretending to be a cowgirl. You can get on here on Amazon.

Indoor Tent/Teepee

This tent has been a hit with my kids. They love to play with it in their bedrooms or in the living room. We play camping or just act like it is a club house. We’ve even spent the night sleeping in it.After the initial assembly it goes up and down easily, but it is tall and kind of awkward when not set up, so I keep it in the closet to keep it out of the way. Ours is made out of wood and canvas, so it is a toy that will last a long time.

I have added a like so you can find a tent like ours, here, but there are many different kinds in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Step 2 Kitchen Set and Little Tykes Table and Chairs

My sister and I had a Little Tykes kitchen set and table and chairs set that we played with every day, so I knew that I had to get one for my kids. We have a bunch of plastic food and dishes so they play restaurant, kitchen, tea party, and all sorts of games with our kitchen set and table and chairs.

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They are both just the right size for my two little ones and provide hours of entertainment. I love to hear the conversations they have as they play, “Waiter, there’s a bug in my soup!” See a kitchen set similar to ours here and our table and chair set here.

Pop Up Tunnel

Both kiddos love our pop up tent. They love to chase each other through it. Sometimes they set it up so that they have to crawl through the tunnel to enter their tent. I love that it collapses almost completely flat and is stored easily in a tote bag. It fits in the closet, under the bed, or almost anywhere so it isn’t a toy that takes up a lot of space in my house. I think ours came from Walmart but you can get many different types and sizes on Amazon; see a similar one here.

Fisher Price Little People

Growing up, my sister and I had a Little People house and barn with a silo. We played with it endlessly. My mom still has ours and all the grandchildren love to play with them on holidays.We have a Little People house, barn, airplane, zoo train, school bus, and fire engine. The kids have so much fun playing with the animals, picking up the kids and driving them to school, and racing to a fire at the barn. Oscar drives the vehicles all over the house.

I love the Little People not only for the nostalgia factor, but also because they are toys both children can play with together. They interact with each other, practice their sharing skills, and use their imaginations. And, unlike with the vintage toys, the new play sets are larger and easier for little hands to hold and also safer, as the people and animals are all in one piece and I don’t have to worry about them being a choking hazard. Check out Little People here on Amazon.

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What toys do your children enjoy? Do you have any suggestions for any other great indoor toys?


5 thoughts on “Let’s Play! Our Favorite Indoor Toys

  1. ejaleigh says:

    Gosh toys have really developed since my kids were small. My son is 19 tomorrow and he used to love an electric swing that cost me an absolute fortune! I think now that they are really cheap. I know my daughter would have loved the mini trampolene as she was always very active. Your little boy is very cute too!

  2. Jenn says:

    Those are great recommendations. I have looked into a lot of the toys you mentioned before because they seem very entertaining for children. It is warming up here too which I am happy about as well because we can go outside more often now. Great post!

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