Leave Your Diaper On!

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Abby loves to run around without clothes.  She would go all day wearing only a diaper if I would let her.  While it is adorable to see my half naked little munchkin, it is also exasperating because she has a new-found obsession with trying to pull off her diaper.

A couple times she has gotten her diaper off before I noticed or before I could reach her.  She is pretty ornery in her attempts, most of the time she will turn around and smile at me and then push the diaper down to her ankles, like I dare you to stop me, Mom!  Other times she will be standing up watching TV and start tugging it down or sneakily run to the corner of the room or beside the sofa to do it.  

There have been a few close calls where I have seen her start to remove her diaper and noticed that she has poop on her butt.  I am so glad that I caught those messes before they happened!

I am not sure how to keep her from doing this.  When she is wearing pants she just pulls her pants down too.  The only type of outfit that stops her is her footy pajamas because she can’t get the zipper down.  

Have your children done this?  I would appreciate any suggestions or advice you may have.

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2 thoughts on “Leave Your Diaper On!

  1. One Mile Smile says:

    My son did this, too! He would take his diaper off in his crib, too. A BIG mess. We started making him wear onesies again and then tried pjs backwards. When all else failed, we resorted to duck taping it on him at night! 😂 (We were super careful not to get any tape on his skin.)

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