Keep Calm and Carry On

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I read somewhere once, I’m not sure where, that children get sick with a cold around thirty-two times a year on average. When I read that I thought that it sounded absurd, surely there’s no way that a number that large is not a huge exaggeration. Then I had a child and now, I think it is likely a true figure. Kids are little germ factories. I can’t imagine how bad it will be when she starts school and is exposed to even more children. At daycare if one kid gets sick, they all get sick, they just pass it along like a popular toy. My problem right now is not with colds, it is other illnesses.

Today it was just after 3:30 p.m. when my cell phone lit up and I saw that the babysitter was calling me. Oh, great, I thought, what is it this time?

“Sarah, I’m sorry to bother you at work. The poor kid just can’t get a break,” Uh oh. “Abby woke up from her nap this afternoon with her eye all swollen and matted shut. I think she has pink eye. Can you come pick her up?”

I asked my husband to pick Abby up and take her to the local urgent care clinic. It turns out that she did have pink eye. Because she is contagious until having been treated with antibiotics for at least twenty-four hours before she can return to daycare.

I picked up her prescription for antibiotic eye drops on my way home. When I got home we teamed up and gave her eye drops right away, which apparently according to a two year-old, is an act akin to torture. She screamed, cried, and rolled around on the floor. The pharmacist told me that the drops should not burn or hurt at all, so I’m not sure what all the hysterics were about.

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I feel bad for her- she can barely open her eye. It is red, puffy, and goopy-looking. When I first saw her I was taken aback because it looked as though she had gotten in a fight and was punched in the eye. She had looked like her normal adorable self when I had dropped her off this morning; there had been no signs of pink eye then. Hopefully it will clear up quickly. Her birthday party is tomorrow and I would hate for her to be miserable.

Last Wednesday morning as I was getting Abby changed after breakfast and noticed that she had a red bumpy rash on her elbows, knees, knuckles, and big toes. From the location of the rash I thought perhaps it was an allergic reaction from something she was exposed to while playing on the floor or in the grass.

I googled it and didn’t really come up with anything helpful. I took pictures of it and sent it to my sister to see if her kids have ever had a similar rash. She said no and thought maybe it was an allergic rash.

I took Abby to urgent care and found out that she had the Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus. I had considered that perhaps her rash was Hand, Foot, and Mouth, but it didn’t look like the photos I had seen and she didn’t have any rash on her palms or on the bottoms of her feet. The doctor looked in her mouth and saw that she did have sores in her mouth. I don’t know how she got it, none of the kids at daycare had it. The only other places we had been was to Walmart and the park on Sunday morning.

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She had to stay home from daycare for three days. Luckily, she had a mild case. Other than being more tired than normal and not having a good appetite, she didn’t really act like it bothered her too much. Hallelujah! I was worried that it would be horrendous. My sister, my mom, and my sister’s three kids all have had Hand, Foot, and Mouth and my sister told me that she was in more pain with it than when she was in a car accident and broke her leg. My mom said that even drinking water hurt the sores in her mouth when she had it.

My poor kiddo. She’s a trooper. She’s taken all this in stride and marched forward like a big girl. We’ll keep calm and carry on. Who knows what will come along next, but I am confident that we will tackle it and keep on going like we always do.


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