I Have New Curtains and an Awesome Husband!

It may not be impressive or noteworthy to most, but I thought I would quickly share something that made me happy this weekend.

I was pregnant when my husband and I bought our house. When we moved into our home it was the epitome of horrible 1980s wallpaper. There were florals, stripes, sports themes, and even kittens.

We stripped wallpaper and border from five different rooms. After that we never had a chance to remove the paper in the kitchen/dining room, where there is still hunter green floral wallpaper and border with green ivy, yuck. Soon our baby came and we were busy new parents, only tackling new home improvement projects when something broke, for lack of time energy and money.

Along with the terrible wallpaper there was an equally terrible big poofy bubbly looking valance made of maroon, hunter green, and navy blue fabric made to look like it had been sponge painted. I got rid of that as soon as I could. The sliding glass door going from our dining room to the deck in the backyard was covered in broken vertical blinds and a floral asymmetrical valance.

For over four years now I have wanted to replace it.

My mother had asked me what I would like for my birthday so I picked out a new curtain double curtain rod, sheer white curtains, and brown Eclipse blackout curtains. I wanted blackout curtains to help keep the house cooler in the summer and I also thought they would help immensely when I have a migraine and am sensitive to the light. I wanted a double curtain rod with sheers so that we could have sunlight coming in the room without giving up privacy (we have a questionable neighbor across the alley behind our house). Thanks, Mom!

I did end up purchasing an extra double panel of curtains because while my math was correct when I measured, it looked like it needed some additional material to not be so stretched-looking.

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Last night my husband was sweet and removed the old valance and blinds and installed the new rod and curtains. I know he was very busy with work so it was very nice of him to take time to do it for me.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new curtains! It’s the little things…

Yay! One project down. Maybe this summer we can tackle the wallpaper, but I’m happy!


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