I Got This- Wait, What?

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Sometimes I feel like things are finally starting to make sense, I am finally finding my rhythm, I got this; I can handle this! But then I also have days where I think life can’t get any crazier and then- surprise!
If you have been following some of my latest posts you may remember that I had recently not been feeling quite like myself and wondering if I were pregnant.

A couple of days after my missed period  I bought a two pack of pregnancy tests from Walgreens and tried out the first one when I went home on my lunch break.  It was defective and I couldn’t pee again so I had to wait all day long,  curious and anxious, to come home and try the second one.  It was positive! 

I am currently at six weeks and two days.  I have been really surprised that my symptoms seem to have started so much earlier than I remember from last time.  I have been feeling so tired.  I’ve had a couple of migraines  (mine are usually hormonal- I had one at the beginning of my last pregnancy and then none until I was several months postpartum so I am hoping that happens again) and daily headaches. I have started feeling morning sickness that lasts just about all day, every day.  I had to go buy cinnamon flavored toothpaste again, because every other flavor makes me gag.  I have also been feeling hungry all the time and have started craving lots of different things, most notably a Reuben sandwich while I was sleepless in bed at 3:00 a.m.

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I have my first prenatal appointment on March 15th and then we will announce our news to family and friends.

We have told Abby about the baby, but she doesn’t understand yet.  I know that will change as my appearance begins to change.  I am hoping that she will get excited to be a big sister.

I am so excited, but also so nervous about the whole thing!  Keep following, I’m sure there will be many updates to come.


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