I Create Art Kit: Subscription Box Review #8

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted boxes by I Create Art Kit for review in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are those of me and/or my family.
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I Create Art is a unique monthly art subscription for kids to help them explore art and their own creativity, plus have tons of fun.

I knew right away that this box would become a family favorite, as my daughter is constantly asking me for “a new project” to do, and I was correct. She has had such great fun with the two boxes we have received.

Our first box

In the box

Each month your child will receive a box containing two art projects, which includes all the materials needed for the projects, instructions, and resources. You will also receive access to instructional YouTube videos to go along with that month’s projects.

The projects in are perfect for families. Each box contains enough materials for three people. The instructions are presented simply so parents are able to guide children through the steps to create each project. The projects are designed to be adaptable for different aged siblings, so everyone can participate regardless of skill level.

Opening our first box

Inside the box, the materials are wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with the brand’s logo sticker. They are very well packaged so the materials do not get tossed around too much and become damaged during shipping. The projects are separated and each is wrapped in different colored tissue paper, sealed with the project title on the sticker label, which is nice because you know exactly which materials you need for each specific project.

Inside the tissue paper the art supplies are sealed in cellophane. The package also contains information sheets printed on cardstock that list the materials needed, the steps for the project, photos, and educational materials to do with the project.

A birds-eye view of opening our first kit

Our first project

The first box we received was for Fall 2019 (Yikes!! I’m so behind with publishing!) It included instructions and materials for drawing and painting a cornucopia and also instructions and materials for a scratch art leaf-themed project.

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The reference materials for our cornucopias

I chose to draw my own cornucopia with help from the reference images provided, but Abby traced the template using carbon paper so that the image would appear on her page. She didn’t quite stick to the template, but hey, she was using her own creativity, right?

After we had the images on our paper we decided to paint using the provided watercolors.

An excited Abby!

Abby took a minimalist approach to painting her cornucopia.

Abby’s cornucopia

I hadn’t used watercolors in years, so there was a learning curve for me. I’m used to working with acrylics. I found the watercolors quite enjoyable though.

My cornucopia

Our second project

By the time we’d finished sketching and painting Abby was tired but insisted on pushing through to the next project. I read her the instructions and gave her the reference photos with images of leaves. She began to use the scratch paper and a stick to create leaves, but soon grew frustrated.

Zentangle leaves:

Our reference materials for the Zentangle Leaves project
Abby’s leaves

I think most of her frustration was due to tiredness, but also due to not having used this medium before. I think she also was trying to draw leaves which is something she’d not had experience drawing before, and the image in her head was not translating to what was developing on the scratch paper. I think she did quite well, even though she wasn’t happy with her leaves.

She quit a couple of times and then finally relented to work together on a single page after I told her that she could etch whatever she wanted to create on the scratch paper instead of leaves. She was not satisfied with this project, although I thought it was fun.

One of our shared pages- my partially finished first leaf and Abby’s house and self-portrait
Our second shared page, just random doodles

Our second box

The second box we received was the I Create Art Party Box for Kids.

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Photo credit: I Create Art Kit

I thought this was a really cool idea. The party box would be great for a birthday party, a sleepover, or some other kind of group get together. This box contains two different projects but includes enough materials for up to ten children.

Abby was super excited to begin a new project so we decided to create the Gnome project together.

Our gnome project:

We drew and colored our gnomes based on the sequence drawing and the reference images. I created a bearded male and Abby created a girl.

We had a great time drawing and coloring the gnomes, but unfortunately Abby gave both of our drawings to Grandma when she came to visit the next day and I did not get to take a photo.

The goody bags:

We set aside the goody bags and crayon sets so that she could take them to school for her Valentine’s Day party to share with her preschool class, as there was exactly as many as we would need for each child to participate.

Here are some creations from the party!


  • A single month is $35.00.
  • The 3 month plan is $99.00.
  • The 6 month plan (semi-annual) is $199.00
  • The 12 month plan (annual) is $325.00

My thoughts

I have really enjoyed spending time with Abby using the projects in the two boxes we’ve received so far. She has also had a lot of fun.

I like that each kit comes with projects that have instructions, reference images to look at, helpful tips & tricks, as well as templates and videos. It makes life so much easier when Abby says, “Moooooom, I want to do a project!” because I don’t have to come up with something on the fly or spend time scrolling through Pinterest.

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As a parent I appreciate that all the materials needed for the projects are included and I don’t have to search for anything in our drawers full of art supplies. I also love that the projects can easily be scaled down so that younger children can also participate and not feel left out.

We are eagerly looking forward to our next box! I think your family will love an I Create Art Kit subscription!

Please, check out the I Create Art Kit website to learn more about their subscriptions and other products. While you’re there, take a few minutes to read some of my guest blog posts!

Has your family tried the I Create Art Kit? What did you think? I would love to hear all about your experiences!

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted boxes by I Create Art Kit for review in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are those of me and/or my family.

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