How to Drive Mom Crazy in 10 Easy Steps: The Nighttime Edition

  1. Don’t eat supper because “it is disgusting!” And cry because you want icecream.
  2. Refuse help dressing in pajamas, then try to put them on upside down and get angry when it won’t work.
  3. Insist you don’t have to go pee before bed.
  4. Brush your teeth and immediately ask for a snack.
  5. Look for the one stuffed animal you haven’t played with in a year to sleep with because it is your favorite. Don’t go to bed without it.
  6. Ask Mom for a drink, a bedtime story, 20 nursery rhymes, and an extra bedtime story.
  7. Say you are hungry.
  8. Just when Mom thinks you’ve fallen asleep, tell her that you must have Dad lay with you because he will rub your back.
  9. Get up to go pee.
  10. Ask for a snack again.
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