Hey Jude

Before I met my husband, almost nine years ago now, I read his MySpace profile.   One of the things that drew me to him (other than his cute picture, of course) was a comment about wanting to find someone to sing harmony with on Hey Jude.  It has been so long ago I don’t remember quite how it was worded, but as a fellow Beatles fan it caught my attention.  I forgot all about it until tonight. 

As I cooked supper in the kitchen I could hear my husband playing with Abby in the living room.  One of the activities they enjoy to do together is to play music videos on YouTube and dance.   Usually this is reserved for Katy Perry, OK Go, and Meghan Trainor, Abby’s favorites (I’m not sure where she inherited her musical tastes from).  

I heard the familiar sound of Hey Jude and peeked around the corner to see them dancing together and singing.   I can’t tell you how much happiness I felt at seeing that scene.  I did not interrupt their moment; I went back to the oven, but I smiled to myself and remembered my husband’s MySpace profile comment.  Life unfolds in mysterious ways and can be so sweet sometimes.  I am so happy to have these two in mine.

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