Here’s the Stink: Dutch Oven Kit Review

*Please note: The opinions expressed in this post are my opinions and the opinions of my sister. The product being reviewed has been gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. I have not been paid or received any other compensation.

When I was contacted by Carolyn from Dutch Oven Kits asking if I would like to review their products I jumped at the opportunity. Seriously, how did they know this was perfect for my family?

When I say perfect, I mean perfect. No one shies away from bathroom humor in my family. My grandpa Francis was the king of the old “Pull my finger” joke. He tricked many an unsuspecting child with that one and he passed on to my dad all that he knew.

My son loves to cut the cheese at the dinner table and then immediately look around to make sure that the rest of the family has found his farts as funny as he does. I don’t think his farting is that funny, but his adorable little giggle is.

My sister Rachel unwittingly carried on the tradition by marrying one of the most flatulent of men. My brother in law Lance is a champion farter and he is not shy about it. He can easily empty a room in seconds. He loves to let one rip and then walk away, leaving a trail of stink behind. Often if we are together as a group hanging out or watching a movie he will pass gas silently and laugh as everyone in the room gets wind of it. My sister has told me of how her husband enjoys pulling the blankets over her head in bed at night and farting; he loves the classic dutch oven maneuver.

When I checked out the Dutch Oven Kits website I knew their products would truly be perfect for my family and the timing could not be better, as my brother in law has a birthday this month. It seemed like the Dutch Oven Kits fart blanket would be an ideal gift for him.

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This review is going to be a little different than my usual because I thought it would be a fun idea to give you my review of the product and also get my sister Rachel’s opinion of the kit as well.


When I received the box I wondered how a blanket could fit inside because the box seemed smaller than I had expected, knowing that the blankets are supposed to be large.

Fart blanket unboxing

As soon as I opened the box I saw the blanket puff up. I had chosen the Cracked Rat gray color and I was not disappointed. When I removed the blanket from the box I immediately noticed the softness and the large size. Honestly, I momentarily considered keeping the blanket for myself – it would be an amazing blanket to cuddle up in a chair with a cup of tea and a good book.

Also inside the kit is a Dutch Oven Kits recipe card, hilariously illustrating multiple versions of the dutch oven, and fun stickers. I also received a fun t-shirt as a birthday gift for Lance.

My thoughts

I think this is the best gift I could have found for my brother in law. Actually, it is probably the best gift I have ever given to him and it matches his personality and his sense of humor to a ‘T.’ I can’t wait to see him open the package.

This is a quality blanket. As I said above, the blanket is wonderfully soft. It is made of 100% microfiber fleece, which is anti-piling and machine washable. My sister’s family has three young kids and a dog, so you know things get dirty. Who wants a blanket that can’t be thrown in the washing machine?

The size is larger than most “throw” blankets I have used. It measures at 60 inches by 80 inches and is big enough to snuggle with someone underneath or totally hog and roll right up in.

A close-up view of the fart blanket


The blankets come in five different colors. I requested Cracked Rat (gray), but you can choose from Covered Wagon (tan), Tactical Green, Celadon Steamer (seafoam green), and Soggy Camel (sand).

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Each fart blanket comes boxed in a Dutch Oven Kit, along with the hilarious recipe card and stickers, priced at $29.99. A deluxe kit is available for $39.99; it includes a fart blanket, recipe card, stickers, a package of “shart” wipes, an adult diaper, clothespin, and an air freshener.

The deluxe kit. Photo Credit: Dutch Oven Kits

The blankets can be ordered separately for $24.99, which I think is a great price for a high-quality blanket. Other fun options are t-shirts, fart cloud stickers, and shart wipes.

Giving the gift

My family and my husband’s family came to my house over the weekend for my daughter’s fourth birthday party. I literally was so excited all day because I couldn’t wait to see my brother in law’s expression when he opened the box! I knew my family would find it funny, but I wasn’t so sure about my husband’s family. They don’t generally use as much bathroom humor in conversation and the men do not openly fart in front of anyone and everyone like the guys in my family do.

Rachel’s opinion

When Sarah had told me about the fart blanket I didn’t know much about it but it sounded like something that my husband would get a kick out of. He is weird like that. Other than my dad, I’ve never met someone who farts and enjoys farting so much. He likes to ‘toot’ his own horn if you know what I mean.

On the three-hour car ride to Sarah’s house the kids and I didn’t know who’s farts were worse, the dog’s or Lance’s. He should not be allowed to eat beef jerky, seriously. There’s something wrong with his digestive system.

After Sarah’s daughter, Abby had opened all of her birthday presents Sarah gave Lance his. He pulled the box out of the gift bag and started reading the side of the box, “Farts not included… what?” he said.

Then he saw the logo on top of the box and started laughing. He pulled out the recipe card and started laughing so hard that he was crying and his face and ears turned red.

He tried to read the “recipes” for The Creeper, The Screaming Eagle, and the others but he could barely read it aloud to everyone because he was laughing so hard. Soon the whole room full of people was laughing because both he and the recipes were hilarious.

Lance also liked the t-shirt. It is perfect for him. He’s one of those people that can just start a conversation with anyone so I’m sure when he wears it a lot of people are going to learn about Dutch Oven Kits.

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Final thoughts

Everyone present thought the gift was hilarious and several people asked me where it had come from. They were all impressed with the softness of the blanket. “Dad, I’m not getting into any of your forts,” said my niece.

If you are looking for a funny, yet functional, gift for a real stinker in your life you have to go to the Dutch Oven Kits website to check out their products. They would be perfect for a Father’s Day gift, a birthday gift, a gag gift, or a white elephant gift. You won’t be disappointed!

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