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Sunday afternoon my husband and Abby watched a movie in the basement and Oscar took an extra long nap so I was able to get a few chores around the house done.

I folded laundry and noticed a lot of long hair. I swept the kitchen and bathroom floors and picked up a lot of hair. I vacuumed and sucked up a lot of hair. I pulled hair out of the lint trap in the dryer. Everywhere was hair.

This was no surprise, as I clean a ton out of the shower drain and my hair brush daily. Over the past few months I have noticed my usually very thick hair becoming noticeably thinner. Around my face there are spots where my scalp is very visible.

Not helping matters, Oscar has developed a penchant for grabbing fistfuls of my hair while he is nursing. I always inspect his chubby little fingers and toes to make sure he doesn’t have a hair tourniqet.

When I was younger, I considered my hair the bane of my existence. When I was a kid my mom had it cut into a mullet (it was the 80’s) and later had it permed, so I had a permullet. In middle school I got a brush stuck in it and had to cut it out because I was late for the school bus. Growing up I never knew how to fix it so I sported a short boy cut style until after high school. I once dyed it black and it looked terrible, and then when everyone asked if I had dyed it I denied it until it had washed out. Now it has lots of streaks of gray, but I finally learned to live with it and love it. So of course, it would have to start falling out.

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I asked my physician about the matter and she said that my hair loss is probably due to hormonal changes after having the baby and breastfeeding, but she ordered a lab test to check my thyroid anyway and it came back normal.

I guess it’s true, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I hope I won’t lose too much more!


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