Compliment Someone Today


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Yesterday I was walking towards the treadmill at the gym during my lunch break when I unexpectedly received a compliment.  I was feeling kind of depressed and discouraged about the 7 pounds I have recently gained and have been unable to shake.  I walked by the trainers’ desk to en route to the treadmill when my old personal trainer told me, “Hey, looking good, Sarah!”
I know it wasn’t much, but it made me feel better and inspired me to workout a little bit harder.
Today I am wearing a new blue dress that I bought with a gift card my parents gave me for my recent birthday.  I have received several compliments from people at work and at the gym telling me that I look nice today, and it has made me feel good. 
It’s amazing how something so small can make a bad day better or lift your spirits.  Give someone around you a compliment today!

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