Getting to Know Me: Random Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Hi guys!

Inspired by a blog post I recently read, I thought it would be fun to share some facts about myself that I haven’t written about before.

I wasn’t sure what to include, so I just started writing. A lot of it is totally random!

I hope you find it interesting and I would love if it sparked some conversation! I have been enjoying getting to know some of my readers.

  • I believe in building women up instead of tearing them down. I don’t care if you are young or old, rich or poor, black, white, or alien- you are a sister to me and I will treat you that way.
  • I love chocolate and hazelnut everything!

  • I have traveled to 20 different countries. I have been to Europe three times.
  • On my last trip, in 2008, I traveled alone to France and spent three weeks in a French language immersion program. I then met my friend Laura in Paris and we traveled with her partner and his friend to Marseilles for a few days. The trip was one of the scariest and most rewarding things I have ever done.

  • Eek! My birthday is in 2 days…
  • I asked my mom to make me an incredible peanut butter sheet cake. I will share the recipe and photos next week.
  • You know you must now be old and boring when you are asked what you would like for your birthday and you send your mom a link to a new curtain rod and curtains on
  • When we were kids, I tricked my younger and gullible sister into believing that she was adopted. She believed me for three years. I know it sounds horrid now, but she was a pain in the ass back then!
  • I have been using the Duolingo app to learn Klingon.
  • I have worked in different aspects healthcare since I was 17. I started as a dietary aide and cook, I later worked in a laundry, I have had 3 different positions in medical records, and I have been in my current position in physician practice administration for going on 6 years.
  • My favorite author is Stephen King. I took my mother, who is also a fan, to see him talk at a university. She won a signed copy of one of his books.
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  • I have *almost* every Stephen King book published.
  • My favorite movie is The Royal Tannenbaums. Sometimes if I get in a funk I will watch that movie, cry at the end, and be all good.
  • I adore Wes Anderson movies.
  • I hate wearing high heels and have a hard time walking in them because I have weak ankles from spraining them both several times (I am a klutz). I would wear Converse all the time if I could get away with it.

  • I had a haircut on Sunday and cut off about 5 inches in length, so I now have a stacked bob. My husband was worried that I would come home with a pixie cut (I have been known to do that, more than once).
  • I have been to probably about 50 concerts. My favorite being Arcade Fire,The Dead, Bob Dylan, Phish, The Killers, and Dave Matthews.
  • I collect blown glass paper weights. My first was given to me by my grandfather- he’d got it as a gift for my great-grandmother on leave in Switzerland during WWII and carried it with him until he came home.

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me: Random Facts You Probably Don’t Know

  1. czechhoney says:

    The question is.. did you actually learn klingon?:D i love posts such as this one, it’s always fun to read. What european countries have you visited?:) x

    • momminintherealworld says:

      I am still trying!! My favorites are France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and Sweden. I was just briefly in the Czech Republic; we visited Karlovy Vary, but I am determined to return someday to see Prague! My great-grandmother and great-grandfather were emigrants from Czechoslovakia so I really wanted to see more of the country.

  2. czechhoney says:

    The question is… did you actually learn the Klingon language?:D i love posts such as this one. What European countries have you visited?:) x

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