Get Your Flu Shot!

Today I got my Flu shot. Have you had yours yet?

Last year I had both Influenza A and B, even though I had received a Flu shot. I felt like I had been hit by a train, but I was grateful that I had been vaccinated because had I not, I would have felt worse.

This year I made sure to make appointments for my children to be vaccinated as soon as it was available at our pediatrician’s office. I don’t want my kids to feel even a fraction of how awful I felt last year.

According to the CDC,

Several RCTs of live attenuated influenza vaccines among young children have demonstrated vaccine efficacy against laboratory confirmed influenza with estimates ranging from 74%-94%[22,23,24,25]

It’s not a guarantee that your child won’t contract Influenza, but 74%-94% is pretty good.

Some people may get Influenza and not feel very ill. Some people do not get the shot because they don’t think they will get the Flu, some do not get the shot because they don’t think it works, and others do not because they just don’t like injections. We must all remember that very young children may not be eligible to receive the vaccine, seriously ill, pregnant women, and elderly people can be hit especially hard by the virus. Many people do not realize that the Flu can be deadly.

Make sure to get a Flu shot for the people you may encounter, if not for yourself. Make sure your children are vaccinated. Ask anyone else who may be around your kids, like a daycare provider or grandparents to be vaccinated.

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