Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Yesterday evening I stayed late at work to interview a potential new associate for an open position. While waiting we were making small talk and she asked me how long I had been in my current job. I told her four years, but I had been working at the hospital in various positions for seventeen years.

This seemed to surprise her and she said, quite genuinely, “Oh my God, I thought you were even younger than me!” She asked if it would be too rude to inquire how old I was. I told her thirty-six. Her jaw dropped and she said, “I thought you were like twenty-one!” Now this is someone that I have met and interacted with many times outside of work, so perhaps she was serious… or maybe she just wanted the job…

I have to admit, she stroked my ego a bit, but I did kind of wonder if she needed glasses. Surely there is no way with the ever-increasing streaks of gray in my hair, dark circles under my eyes, and crepey wrinkles starting at the corner of my eyes that I could be mistaken for anything much younger than my age.

In fact, I had been thinking earlier in the day that if I hadn’t have had coffee and concealer my ass would look like it was dragging just as much as it felt like it was.

My baby boy has just had two new teeth poke through over the past weekend and by the looks of his gums is set to get about five or six more all at the same time. My daughter has had a cold and was coughing much of the night. There hasn’t been much sleep in our house for a while.

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While it I’m certain I obviously don’t look twenty-anything, she put a slight skip in my step, a smile on my face, and made my Monday just a bit better.


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