Fisher-Price Customer Service Rocks

My son Oscar received a Fisher-Price Corn Popper toy as a gift.  When he unwrapped it I was delighted because I remembered how much fun I’d had with mine as a child.

Fisher-Price Corn Popper Toy

Photo credit: Fisher-Price

We didn’t have a gift receipt and had recycled the cardboard wrapper before noticing that the popping action only happened if the toy was pulled in reverse, rather than when pushing it forward.  This was disappointing and Oscar didn’t really play with it much, other than occasionally picking it up and quickly getting bored with having to pull it behind him as he walked.

Two Christmases ago Abby had received a lion push toy but when I tried assembling it I found that there were a couple important pieces missing. When I attempted to return it to Walmart the store would not take it back so I decided to reach out to Fisher-Price customer service to see if there was anything I could do. They sent me the missing pieces and I was able to completely assemble the lion toy.  Both of my children have played endlessly with it since then.

With my previous pleasant customer service experience I decided to contact Fisher-Price customer service about the Corn Popper via their website. I filled out a form online detailing the problem. Afterwards I received e-mail notification that my submission had been received and I would hear back soon.

A couple days later I received an automated e-mailed shipping notice with tracking information. Wow, I thought, this is awesome! Later that day I was checking my e-mail spam folder and saw that I’d missed an e-mail from a customer service representative.  She very kindly apologized for the malfunctioning toy and said that they would ship me a replacement, but asked if I would please reply back with a short video of the product so they could see the problem.

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Yesterday the package was waiting on our doorstep when we arrived home.  The kids were super excited because they didn’t know what was in the box and even more excited when they opened it.

Curious, Oscar picked up the new Corn Popper and pushed it forward, giggling as it began to noisily make the colored balls pop. He then picked up the old Corn Popper and pushed it forward, expecting the same reaction but not receiving it. He dropped the old Corn Popper and hasn’t touched it since.  The new one, however, has been pushed all around the house non-stop by both kids. Both monkeys are happy.

I sent a follow up e-mail to the customer service representative to say that we had received the new toy, it made both children very happy, and that we were grateful.

Other contacting a different toy company to return a recalled ball due to a choking hazard, I really haven’t dealt with customer service for a manufacturer. I can’t say enough about how great Fisher-Price is.  They were friendly, helpful, and quickly resolved the issue.






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