Feeling Twitchy

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I have had an eye twitch since Friday.  It has not stopped, only varied in intensity over the whole weekend.  It is incredibly annoying and distracting.  

My first thought after my twitch did not go away after a day was of my sister.  A few years ago she developed an eye twitch and found out that she had Bell’s Palsy.  I text her about my eye this morning and she recommended that I go see my doctor to get checked out.  

I saw the doctor who told me she thought my twitch was caused by stress and not Bell’s Palsy, although she did write me a prescription for steroids to fill just in case I start having any other symptoms.   “Reduce your stress,” she said.  Gee, why hadn’t I thought of trying that?

Work has been extremely stressful over the past few weeks, and, I suppose it would stand to reason that my twitch would begin after a particularly stressful day on Friday.  

I am to give a presentation today for a large group of people.  Now, I hate public speaking, but I am not too worried about that part of my presentation.  Without getting too deep into the details, the part that has me stressed to the max is that I am waiting on someone to fix something so that I can actually finish.  Without her assistance I cannot conduct my presentation.  I have only a quarter of it completed, with less than three hours to go.  It is crunch time. 

This person has been actively ignoring my phone calls and e-mails for days.  When I tracked her down in person on Friday afternoon she seemed annoyed that I came to her.  She helped me with a small portion of what I needed, but when I returned to my desk three floors away, I noticed that not everything had been corrected and when I tried to call her she had already left work early for the weekend.  I feel like I am sounding paranoid, but the situation has almost gotten to the point where it seems overt and intentional.

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So now I am taking a ten minute lunch, rather than my normal hour, figuring that I will need the extra time to work and hopefully get a lot accomplished.  I am trying to sit and relax in the peace and quiet of my office before trudging down to the basement to see if I can make any headway.  We’ll see what happens.

Does your eye twitch? What does it mean?

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