Expect the Unexpected


This morning started out like most others.  Abby and I woke up at 5:45 am.  She nursed and them we began our morning routine.  Just like most mornings, we begin with coffee and breakfast while my husband sleeps later.  Abby rubbed her eyes, hair wild, as she snuggled up to me.
We went to the kitchen to make coffee.  I gave her something to hold on to because she likes to “help” me.  While I balanced her on my hip and spooned coffee grounds into the filter she gnawed on the plastic fiber jar.  I moved on to making myself some oatmeal and put it in the microwave to cook.  While the coffee and oatmeal were doing their thing I poured a few Cheerios into a small bowl and offered it to her.  She tried to stuff a whole fist full into her mouth at once so I began doling them out one by one. I tried to give her a sippy cup of water but she shook her head and reached for the Cheerios.  I saw she was done gumming the previous one and gave her another.  As I pulled the almond milk from the refrigerator she gagged a little so I offered her the water again.  Sometimes she starts to gag when something dry like cereal or a puff sticks on the back of her tongue.  She refused again and smiled, eyes sparkling and dimple showing, then suddenly projectile vomited milk and cereal all over herself and me.  And then did it again.  And again.  She wrinkled her nose up and smiled a big toothless, gummy smile, just like she does after she sneezes.
I was shocked because it happed so quickly and it was so unexpected.  Luckily we were right in front of the sink and within reach of the paper towels.  Leaving the oatmeal and coffee on tkitchen counter, we went to the laundry room to get new pajamas from the clothes dryer.  I stripped us both down to diaper and underwear and I cleaned us both off with a wet wash rag then dressed in clean pajamas. Then we ate breakfast and played.
It really wasn’t funny but I just had to laugh.  Once again my baby reminded me of a great life lesson, one I have lived by more than ever since becoming a mom.  Expect the unexpected and roll with it.

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