Easter Basket Sneak Peek


I am excited for Easter this year. I know Abby is going to have so much fun playing with and hunting for eggs with her cousins and she is getting excited for a visit from the Easter Bunny.

I remember my favorite gifts from the Easter Bunny were a jump rope, jacks, and color books, when I was a child. Later on, it was all about the candy!

I tried hard to come up with candy-free items to fill the kids’ Easter Baskets. I limit the amount of sugar Abby eats and I am sure between both sets of grandparents she will be given a ton of sweets.

During a recent trip to Target I found most of what went into Abby’s basket.

In the dollar section I picked up most of the items: three packs of Dr. Seuss flash cards, Dr. Seuss stickers, a PJ Masks matching game, and a bug catcher. A few days ago she told me that she wished she had some little cars to play with, so I picked up two Hot Wheels cars too.

Most of Oscar’s Easter basket contents came from Wal-Mart. He has wanted to play with Abby’s balls lately, which of course Abby doesn’t like. So I got him a ball with the Avengers on it. He also has liked to play with her wubby toy (Wubby Puppy) and she definitely doesn’t like that, even though she hasn’t wanted to sleep or play with it in a very long time, so when I saw a wubby giraffe in the Easter aisle I had to get it.

The Fisher-Price monster toy looked like something he would enjoy playing with, and the chick in the egg was actually a toy that I found in a box of Easter decorations. I’m not sure where it came from, but it was like new and I thought he might like it.

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What is the Easter Bunny leaving at your house? I hope your Easter with family is wonderful!


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