Dessert Fail

I had good intentions of making some cute little frozen Oreo cups with some egg candies on top to take to my parents’ house and my husband’s parents’ house for Easter tomorrow.

I had seen the recipe on the back of a box of no-bake Oreo dessert. I thought all my nieces and nephews would enjoy it. Let’s just say it was a miserable fail.

I started getting all the ingredients out of the box and the refrigerator as DH and the kids were still sitting at the dinner table. I was paying more attention to them instead of the recipe on the back of the box. The recipe called for me to melt 4 tablespoons of butter. Since I had 2 boxes I should have melted 8 tablespoons of butter. Instead, I melted 16 tablespoons. I didn’t notice until I mixed the butter with the Oreo crumbs to make the crust. Rather than a crumbly mixture to press into the bottom of muffin cups, I had something that more closely resembled Oreo pudding… very buttery Oreo pudding.

Sorry about all the dishes on the counter, I wasn’t planning on taking photos when making my dessert. But, hey, this is Mommin’ in the Real World, right?

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. I had Oreo-pudding-like butter stuff, so I decided to make a triffle. My triffle bowl is so tall no one ever gets all the way down to the bottom anyway.

I used a spoon to place a layer of Oreo butter. Then I covered that with a layer of the filling and sprinkled cookie pieces on top of that.

Next, I added a layer of Cool Whip, then a thin layer of the Oreo butter. I added another layer of filling, cookies, Cool Whip, cookies, filling, and a final layer of cookies on top.

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Finally, I added some Robin’s Eggs candy to the top to add some color.

I hope it won’t taste awful!


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