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Yesterday while I was at work I received a text message from my husband,”Want to go on a date?”  To which I replied, “Who are you and why do you have my husband’s phone?”  He asked if I would like to go see Star Wars: Rogue One if his brother would babysit for us.

It has been almost year exactly since our last date night. Last December we went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We left Abby with our sister-in-law, the first time she had stayed with anyone but my husband and I.  The whole time we were at the theater I nervously checked my cell phone, paranoid that I had not felt it vibrate in my pocket and missed a call.  Abby stayed awake almost the entire time we were gone and would only sleep on my sister-in-law’s chest.  I’m not sure who was happier to see us return home, the baby or the babysitter.

What a difference a year makes.  This time my brother-in-law stayed with Abby.  She cried a little after we left but soon stopped.  They played and watched Sesame Street.  At the theater we sat through the previews and just before the lights went down and feature film started the electricity in the theater went out.  The emergency lights went on and after a bit and employee came in to say that they didn’t know what happened but the electricity in the entire mall had gone out.  We sat and waited in the dark.  We held hands and made jokes, watching people make shadow puppets on the screen.  Most of the people around us left but we stayed, figuring we had a babysitter, what was the rush in going home?  After half an hour we gave up and walked to our car.  Just then the lights went back on and we decided to go back into the theater and watch the movie. 

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While it wasn’t the most romantic night ever, it was nice to spend some much appreciated time alone with my husband.  We had fun and enjoyed the movie.  I hope we don’t have to wait another year for our next date night, but if so, that’s OK.


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