Cousins Can be the Best Friends

When I was a kid, holidays like Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were days I always looked forward to because I loved playing with my cousins. I have seventeen first cousins so we always had a great time having Easter egg hunts, playing games, or dressing up for our small Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, family dynamics change over the years and ours have recently changed greatly with the passing of our family matriarch last year. We no longer gather as we once did and I now only regularly see three of my cousins. I continue to have a great relationship with those three cousins. We still have a great time visiting and playing games like dominoes or spoons, but I do miss the others.

I am happy that my kids have four first cousins that are close to them in age. They have three older cousins that are in college and high school that they adore, but the relationship is not quite the same.

My daughter absolutely adores her cousins. She gets so excited when she knows we will be seeing them. She likes to send them drawings, Valentines, and text messages through out the year.

They laugh and sing, jump in puddles, play hide and go seek, try to sneak cookies and candy, and generally do all kinds of fun stuff together. They conspire together to get extra snacks, to stay up late, or to get Grandma and Grandpa to let them do something Mom and Dad wouldn’t. Even if they squabble, ten minutes later it’s all good.

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It makes me smile to see how much they enjoy each other’s company and how much they love each other.


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