20 Gift Ideas for Every Mom

*Affiliate links disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means if you purchase an item from Amazon through a link on my website I receive compensation at no extra cost to you. This time of year is filled with so many birthdays for our family! There are a couple of lovely … Continue reading 20 Gift Ideas for Every Mom


Weekend Recap: Our Mini Vacation

On Saturday I stayed home with the kids while my husband and two of his friends spent the day volunteering out of town updating the internet infrastructure at a Boys & Girls Club of America. After my husband returned home, he said that he wanted to take our kids on a weekend getaway. We packed … Continue reading Weekend Recap: Our Mini Vacation

I wish I knew sooner

10 Things I wish I’d Known in My 20s

Since childhood, I've always been the quietest person in the room, that's just my personality. It is not necessarily a bad trait, I have always used my quietness as a chance to observe everyone and everything and generally learned a lot- from my aunts, my mother, my grandparents, my schoolmates, etc. That being said, there … Continue reading 10 Things I wish I’d Known in My 20s

Date Night: Our Mini-vacation

On Thursday my husband and I left the kids with his parents and drove four hours east to Kansas City. I previously had written about how anxious I was leaving the kids at home with their grandparents. It only got worse as the week progressed, to the point I thought that I would need to … Continue reading Date Night: Our Mini-vacation

Confronting my Own Mortality

“Tis the wink of an eye, 'tis the draught of a breath, From the blossom of health to the paleness of death, From the gilded saloon to the bier and the shroud- Oh! why should the spirit of mortal be proud?” ― William Knox My husband and I will soon be taking an overnight out of … Continue reading Confronting my Own Mortality

My Favorite Travel Photos, Part 1

I love traveling. I have been to Europe three times; Mexico and Canada one time each. I have visited twenty different countries and itch to pick up and go somewhere again. Yesterday while I was majorly stressed out at work I began thinking of places I would rather be. I obviously would have loved to … Continue reading My Favorite Travel Photos, Part 1

What I Learned by Traveling Abroad

"What you get by reaching your destination isn't nearly as important as what you become by reaching that destination."  - Zig Ziglar I have been to 20 different countries and have made four trips abroad.  Each trip and each country has made an impact on me; each has taught me lessons I won't soon forget.  I … Continue reading What I Learned by Traveling Abroad