A Day in Crazy Town

My father-in-law had hernia surgery yesterday, so I have been home alone with the two kids yesterday and today so that he could have a few calm and quiet days to rest and recover. Yesterday went relatively well and was uneventful, other than the fact that the kids both refused to take an afternoon nap … Continue reading A Day in Crazy Town


Teething Fits Suck

Poor Abby has been getting new teeth for the best past couple weeks and I am totally over it.   Last night at supper she was sitting in her highchair, selectively picking through her spaghetti (which was devoured by the fistful the night before) and whining. My husband walked through the dining room saying that … Continue reading Teething Fits Suck

Diaper Rash, You Bitch

‚Äč Somehow we went thirteen months without Abby getting diaper rash.  Until now.  Holy crap. A top tooth took its sweet time coming in and was accompanied by diarrhea.   She has also been refusing to eat most purees now, so I think the introduction of some foods may have also had a part to … Continue reading Diaper Rash, You Bitch

She Has a Tooth!

Abby woke up several times in the night and was very clingy when I tried to get her to sleep alone.  This morning she was very fussy and didn't seem happy no matter what I tried.  I just thought she was over tired but then I saw it- her first tooth had pushed through her … Continue reading She Has a Tooth!