Considering Expanding our Family: The Great Unknown

The night before last our whole family was sitting around the dining room table eating supper. My daughter was chattering away about a million different things and my son was sitting in his highchair feeding himself yogurt with a spoon. All of a sudden I felt very emotional and my eyes began to well up … Continue reading Considering Expanding our Family: The Great Unknown


What a Day

Before I start, just a little disclaimer: this is not the post I planned to publish today. Instead, I needed to vent a little bit about my day so far. I will warn you, I do get a little graphic, so I'm sorry. I woke up to the sound of my husband's alarm clock at … Continue reading What a Day

A Baby “Sprinkle”

Having a baby "sprinkle," or second baby shower- is it tacky or a fun idea? A few years ago I was researching ideas for my sister's baby shower on Pinterest when I first saw pins about baby sprinkles. They are called a "sprinkle" to differentiate them from a "shower." They are supposed to be given … Continue reading A Baby “Sprinkle”

Getting Ready for my Little Monster: Decorating Baby’s Bedroom

I have been anxious to get baby boy's bedroom decorated and ready for him to come home to, or as my husband said recently, "nesting like crazy." Part of it is because I am excited, part of it is because I want it to be done if he were to be born early. My cousin … Continue reading Getting Ready for my Little Monster: Decorating Baby’s Bedroom

Delivery Uncertainty

When I was pregnant with Abby lab tests showed that I had low platelets in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I was warned that if my platelet count fell too low that I would not have the choice to get an epidural, as low platelet count affects the body's ability to clot blood, … Continue reading Delivery Uncertainty

The Name Game

Decisions, decisions. When I asked Abby what her ideas for baby names were, she said Elmo and Coco. Sorry, kid, those aren't going to make th cut. With only ten weeks left before delivery, my husband and I have finally gotten serious about picking out a name for our new baby. Well, maybe. Last week … Continue reading The Name Game

Mom Needs a Vacation

Mom needs a vacation. Or maybe just fifteen minutes locked alone in the quiet bathroom. I will take what I can get. It seems lately I am one step away from losing my shit. I keep waiting for that one thing each day that will send me over the edge. If you see me sitting … Continue reading Mom Needs a Vacation

Transitioning to a Big Kid Bed

Saturday we took the step to transition Abby from her crib to a twin bed.  It was necessary to change because while she still fit in the crib and never (to my knowledge) tried to climb out, she was getting big enough to be too heavy for me to lift over the crib rail and … Continue reading Transitioning to a Big Kid Bed

It’s a… Whole New World

At my 19 week prenatal appointment my OB/GYN ordered a sonogram.  I was very excited to finally get our first look at our new little one.  Later that week we went to the radiology department of the hospital.  The technologist asked if we wanted to find out the baby's sex, which we did.   It's … Continue reading It’s a… Whole New World

A Step in the Right Direction, a Weaning Update 

Initially, I took a slow and step-by-step approach to weaning Abby from breastfeeding.  When that sort of came to a standstill I decided to take a leap and quit cold turkey; while not offering to nurse, I would not refuse if she asked.  Today is day twelve of my full time weaning efforts.  I am … Continue reading A Step in the Right Direction, a Weaning Update