Momumental Mother #3: Katherine

I DECIDED TO CREATE MOMUMENTAL MOTHERS TO CELEBRATE WOMEN FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. EACH OF THE WOMEN I WILL FEATURE ARE DIFFERENT, BUT THEY ARE ALL UNITED IN MOTHERHOOD. Today it is my pleasure to interview Katherine. When I read Katherine's blog, I was struck by how open and honest she was about her … Continue reading Momumental Mother #3: Katherine


Momumental Mothers #1: Rebekah

Welcome to the first of my new series, Momumental Mothers. I decided to create Momumental Mothers to celebrate women from all walks of life. Each of the women I will feature are different, but they are all united in motherhood. Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Rebekah. I wanted to interview Rebekah … Continue reading Momumental Mothers #1: Rebekah