Redecorating my Daughter’s Room for Almost Nothing

As of late, my daughter has been super obsessed with Disney princesses. Case in point, this morning she is drawing pictures of princesses. I initially resisted her interest in all things princess related, but she has been persistent. I think much of her requests for princess everything has been fueled by her preschool girlfriends and … Continue reading Redecorating my Daughter’s Room for Almost Nothing

Early Morning Sweetness

I spotted a sweet little fairy this morning and had to share. She said she was using her fairy wand to make Spring flowers bloom everywhere.

Life Goes Full Circle

When looking at Netflix or Amazon Prime, one can see many new versions of cartoons that I loved as a kid: The Popples, The Care Bears, My Little Pony, Inspector Gadget, Garfield, and others. I don't care for the newer cartoons, but my kids love them. We play many games that I had as a … Continue reading Life Goes Full Circle

A Suppertime Scare

Recently, while on a playdate Abby hit her head when she was about fifteen feet off of the ground inside of a McDonald's PlayPlace. It was so unnerving. I had no idea what was going on; she was screaming and wouldn't tell me what was wrong, I couldn't see her, and I am rotund enough … Continue reading A Suppertime Scare

Raising a Powerful Girl

Hello, everyone. I came across this article from PBS Parents and I thought it was great. Find out what they have to say about how to raise a strong woman. It's worth a read. Source: Raising a Powerful Girl

Our Daily Affirmation

A few months ago I started repeating a daily affirmation at bedtime with my daughter. I think it is an important part of each day. All too early in life girls are told by society, either by media, other kids, or by adults (either intentionally or unintentionally) that they must fit in to a certain … Continue reading Our Daily Affirmation

My Girl Wants to Potty All the Time, Potty All the Time

My girl wants to potty all the time, potty all the time, potty all the time Pardon the Eddie Murphy song parody; it's a joke in our house. My husband and I like to sing it to our daughter, who hates it. Yes, I have totally become like my parents. They always would sing the … Continue reading My Girl Wants to Potty All the Time, Potty All the Time

A Day in Crazy Town

My father-in-law had hernia surgery yesterday, so I have been home alone with the two kids yesterday and today so that he could have a few calm and quiet days to rest and recover. Yesterday went relatively well and was uneventful, other than the fact that the kids both refused to take an afternoon nap … Continue reading A Day in Crazy Town

Sunday Playdate Recap

This last Sunday was a cold and rainy day. In the afternoon we met up with another mom and three of Abby and Oscar's previous daycare playmates at McDonald's. The kids hadn't seen each other since we attended a birthday party at their house a little over a month ago. The girls seemed to have … Continue reading Sunday Playdate Recap

My Story of Sexual Assault and the Importance of Teaching Children Body Autonomy

*Trigger warning* The story below contains some graphic details. The #MeToo movement has gotten a lot of media attention recently after news stories in the last couple years about the president, Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby, and other men in positions of power reportedly sexually assaulting women. I am going to share … Continue reading My Story of Sexual Assault and the Importance of Teaching Children Body Autonomy