Fisher-Price Customer Service Rocks

My son Oscar received a Fisher-Price Corn Popper toy as a gift.  When he unwrapped it I was delighted because I remembered how much fun I'd had with mine as a child. We didn't have a gift receipt and had recycled the cardboard wrapper before noticing that the popping action only happened if the toy … Continue reading Fisher-Price Customer Service Rocks


6 Baby Items That Were a Waste and 6 I Would Buy Again

I remember feeling completely lost when registering for gifts for my baby shower. I had no idea what stuff I needed and what I could live without. Did I need a walker? Baby powder? What kind of bottles? What size clothes? How many diapers? Between a baby shower at work and one thrown by family, … Continue reading 6 Baby Items That Were a Waste and 6 I Would Buy Again

4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

It's that time of year again, Mother's Day is approaching. Do you give your mom a gift for Mother's Day? If so, do you find yourself reaching for the same thing every year? No need for flowers, chocolates, or heart-shaped jewelry- I put together a small list of easy Mother's Day gift ideas that any … Continue reading 4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

Remembering to be Thankful

We often get caught up in a cycle of thinking of what we don't have, what we wish we had, what we used to have, what we could have had, what we think we should have... and it is easy to lose sight of the greatness all around us. So often we forget about how … Continue reading Remembering to be Thankful

Boom! BonLogic Shower Bombs

A couple weeks ago my sister Rachel and I were talking on the phone and I mentioned that I would love a massage (*hint, hint* sister who studied massage therapy) because I had some muscles on the right side of my neck and shoulders that have been painfully tight and causing headaches for weeks. She … Continue reading Boom! BonLogic Shower Bombs

Easter Basket Sneak Peek

I am excited for Easter this year. I know Abby is going to have so much fun playing with and hunting for eggs with her cousins and she is getting excited for a visit from the Easter Bunny. I remember my favorite gifts from the Easter Bunny were a jump rope, jacks, and color books, … Continue reading Easter Basket Sneak Peek

Terra Cotta Wind Chime Project

This afternoon Abby and I had lots of fun making wind chimes. We made one for both of her grandmas and one for her. I had recently seen a photo of similar chimes online, but it didn't have instructions. I thought that it wouldn't be too difficult to put together and would be something fun … Continue reading Terra Cotta Wind Chime Project

A Baby “Sprinkle”

Having a baby "sprinkle," or second baby shower- is it tacky or a fun idea? A few years ago I was researching ideas for my sister's baby shower on Pinterest when I first saw pins about baby sprinkles. They are called a "sprinkle" to differentiate them from a "shower." They are supposed to be given … Continue reading A Baby “Sprinkle”

Fun Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year.  Why?  Lots of reasons!  Usually there is spring-like weather.  The church was always filled with the beautiful smell of lillies.  Mom would always buy us a pretty new Easter dress.  Easter candy is the best candy of the year.  And who doesn't like … Continue reading Fun Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas