Eating on a Budget with Variety

Are you making meals on a budget, either for lunches to take to work or for a whole family meal? Food is expensive, especially when eating out. It seems even more depressingly expensive when your child refuses to eat or only eats a couple bites of a meal you made. You may be trying to … Continue reading Eating on a Budget with Variety


May Happiness Be Yours Today

Hello, lovelies! I thought I would give you a quick morning update. I've given up my pity party and I am trying to look on the positive side of everything. This morning I began to dictate this while walking on the treadmill and keeping an eye on the baby monitor. By the end of this … Continue reading May Happiness Be Yours Today

So This is What 37 Looks Like… and Cake

It's official: I've made 37 trips around the sun. It doesn't feel like I should be 37, but then again, what is 37 supposed to feel like? I think 37 isn't too bad. I have two pretty awesome kids and an incredible husband. I have wonderful supportive family on both sides. We have a roof … Continue reading So This is What 37 Looks Like… and Cake

My Favorite Mealtime Mom Hack

Meals with little ones can be an exercise in patience. Spilled drinks, dropped food, picky eaters: you know the drill. My son had a big appetite for such a little guy and tends to eat all the food I have cut up for him before I even get a bite of my own food, so … Continue reading My Favorite Mealtime Mom Hack

Mom’s Awesome Broccoli Salad

My mother is a fabulous cook. Her broccoli salad is always requested to be brought to family gatherings. Luckily for me, my kids don't like broccoli and my husband doesn't like vegetables in general, so I get to savor all of the leftovers by myself.  Her broccoli salad is a wonderful combination of sweet and … Continue reading Mom’s Awesome Broccoli Salad

I Love Having a Son

Growing up, I never doubted that I would have children, and I always knew that I would have two girls. I believed that girls were fun, they didn't like gross stuff, they smelled better, played nicer... Can you tell that my only sibling was a girl? I didn't have any close male cousins or friends. … Continue reading I Love Having a Son

Embracing my Inner Jedi: Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Earlier I was listening to the TED Talk Radio Hour on NPR podcast about being in your comfort zone. It was all about and how people often get in the habit of staying at their status quo, have issues with moving past their norm, and getting out of their comfort zone. This podcast struck a … Continue reading Embracing my Inner Jedi: Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

Dessert Fail

I had good intentions of making some cute little frozen Oreo cups with some egg candies on top to take to my parents' house and my husband's parents' house for Easter tomorrow. I had seen the recipe on the back of a box of no-bake Oreo dessert. I thought all my nieces and nephews would … Continue reading Dessert Fail

Mom Confessions

8:00 p.m. bedtime comes early once in a while to same Mom's sanity. I'm not sure what we'll do when they learn to tell time. Sometimes I fake having to pee just so I can have a minute or two to myself. Sorry kid, most of your Halloween candy was eaten by me. You don't … Continue reading Mom Confessions

Mom’s Marvelous Carrot Cake 

I love my mom's carrot cake.  It literally is the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. I am very picky when it comes to carrot cake.  I remember the first time I ever tried carrot cake: I was probably six or seven and my aunt brought out a cake after supper.  I was so … Continue reading Mom’s Marvelous Carrot Cake