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Momumental Mothers #7: Catey

I DECIDED TO CREATE MOMUMENTAL MOTHERS TO CELEBRATE WOMEN FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. EACH OF THE WOMEN I WILL FEATURE ARE DIFFERENT, BUT THEY ARE ALL UNITED IN MOTHERHOOD. Today I am happy to introduce you to the seventh mom in my Momumental Mothers series, Catey. I've gotten to know Catey through Twitter and … Continue reading Momumental Mothers #7: Catey

Here’s the Stink: Dutch Oven Kit Review

*Please note: The opinions expressed in this post are my opinions and the opinions of my sister. The product being reviewed has been gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. I have not been paid or received any other compensation. When I was contacted by Carolyn from Dutch Oven Kits asking if I … Continue reading Here’s the Stink: Dutch Oven Kit Review

Make Learning Fun with

Today I am happy to share a fun activity to do with your child! I recently found, a fantastic resource for educational materials for children. Whether you are a teacher, you homeschool, or just want to practice skills and help ready children to go back to school this fall, you are sure to find … Continue reading Make Learning Fun with

Weekend Recap: Our Mini Vacation

On Saturday I stayed home with the kids while my husband and two of his friends spent the day volunteering out of town updating the internet infrastructure at a Boys & Girls Club of America. After my husband returned home, he said that he wanted to take our kids on a weekend getaway. We packed … Continue reading Weekend Recap: Our Mini Vacation

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Simple Ways to Grow Closer as a Family

Summer is a busy time, with vacations, barbecues, sports, the kids are on school break, you name it. In our house at least, it feels like the family is flying in all different directions at once and don’t always connect. Time is one of the threads that help weave a strong feeling of family togetherness … Continue reading Simple Ways to Grow Closer as a Family

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Book Review: Magic Pie

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. I had an inkling of what it contained, but my daughter did not. She is always very excited to receive mail, so I let her help me open the package. Essex based author Robyn Embrey sent us a copy of her book, Magic Pie. Also included in … Continue reading Book Review: Magic Pie

Weekend Recap

Our family had a pretty busy weekend.  We did a lot but didn't get to do as much as we'd hoped. I was wanting to go to see Avengers: Endgame but we didn't get a chance.  I have been trying to stay offline as much as possible so that I don't read any spoilers. Saturday … Continue reading Weekend Recap

Today was a Totally Crazy Day

Celebrating Easter at my parent's house did not go as planned today. My sister was not able to come, as her youngest child had a fever and croup, and the rest of her family was beginning to feel ill too. I began my morning at 4:30 a.m. because my son has been teething and not … Continue reading Today was a Totally Crazy Day

So This is What 37 Looks Like… and Cake

It's official: I've made 37 trips around the sun. It doesn't feel like I should be 37, but then again, what is 37 supposed to feel like? I think 37 isn't too bad. I have two pretty awesome kids and an incredible husband. I have wonderful supportive family on both sides. We have a roof … Continue reading So This is What 37 Looks Like… and Cake

Check Out my New Freebies Page

Good morning everyone! I am the queen of lists. I even have lists of lists! Otherwise, I am a mess terrible at staying organized and keeping everything straight. It is even worse now that I have a husband and kids! To stay organized, I keep a binder of lists that I use over and over. … Continue reading Check Out my New Freebies Page