Painting Time!

Abby has been very interested in coloring lately and we have spent a lot of time with her colorbooks and loose paper.  After several coloring sessions this weekend I was a little bored and wanted to do something different, so I looked through my craft supplies for something we could make together.   I found … Continue reading Painting Time!


Modern Life

Last Sunday night I had a little time after Abby went to bed and was able to paint. It had been quite a while since I had last had a chance to, probably some time around Halloween.  It felt good to get my hands dirty (and boy, did I. The new gold paint I recently … Continue reading Modern Life

Garden Party: Mixed Media Collage

Here is a photo of my latest creation.  It is a mixed media collage consisting of acrylic, paper, and metal on canvas.

Brave New World

Well, I covered up my mistake and decided to show my painting as it is now.  I'm not quite sure if I am happy with it yet. If you didn't read my last post, I am referring to something I decided to add to my painting.  I still don't like it as well as before,  … Continue reading Brave New World

Crap, I Ruined It

I don't know how many of you paint, draw, sew, or do something equally creative.  Have you ever made something really cool and then thought,  what if I add _____, wouldn't that be awesome? And then when you do, it didn't look as awesome as you had pictured in your head? That's what happened to … Continue reading Crap, I Ruined It

My Latest Painting

Here is my latest painting.  It was inspired by time spent in Southern France.   I apologize the color looks a bit off, as I took the photo with my cell phone camera (there's also some blue marks from the camera, unfortunately) My wonderful husband took the baby shopping and let me have a little time … Continue reading My Latest Painting