Christmas gift ideas

Mommin' in the Real World's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is here! I love to find or create the ideal gift for each of my family and friends, but it is not always so easy! (I'm looking at you, Dad...) If you're anything like me, it is likely you are searching for the perfect gift for at least one person on your … Continue reading Mommin' in the Real World's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide


Check Out My Guest Post: Learning About Art

Check out my new guest post on the I Create Art Kits website's blog! Click the logo above to visit the I Create Art Kit website! Learning About Art Thank you to our guest blogger Sarah Emerson. After reading through her entry, please scroll to the bottom of the page for information on her blog. … Continue reading Check Out My Guest Post: Learning About Art

Llamas Llamas in Our Pajamas

All weekend my daughter has asked me every five minutes, "Can we do a project?" She literally poked me awake this morning at 5:00 a.m. to say that I needed to get out of bed because yesterday I promised her that we would make something together today.I tried to think of something easy and quick … Continue reading Llamas Llamas in Our Pajamas

Mommin’ and Feeling Out of Sorts

This past week I have been grumpy and grouchy. Tired. Upset when the kids seem to plan together to do exactly the opposite of what I say. Bored with being at home all weekend. Having baby fever and then looking at my children's baby photos and crying because they've already grown up so fast. Jealous … Continue reading Mommin’ and Feeling Out of Sorts

Vogue Parody Questions and Answers

Happy Friday, everyone! The sweet Ami (@Ami_T1995) nominated me to be next to answer the questions for the Vogue parody flittering about Twitter.  I thought it sounded like fun, so here are my answers.  I hope you enjoy and learn a little more about me. 1)What is your usual Starbucks order? Caramel Macchiato 2) What does … Continue reading Vogue Parody Questions and Answers

Redecorating my Daughter’s Room for Almost Nothing

As of late, my daughter has been super obsessed with Disney princesses. Case in point, this morning she is drawing pictures of princesses. I initially resisted her interest in all things princess related, but she has been persistent. I think much of her requests for princess everything has been fueled by her preschool girlfriends and … Continue reading Redecorating my Daughter’s Room for Almost Nothing

Art and Self-Doubt

In my city, the local Arts Council sponsors an Art Walk every Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  In recent years the Walks have been gaining popularity The Arts Council and other businesses downtown display artwork for two days and visitors can go to each location to view artwork or listen to live music.  There are … Continue reading Art and Self-Doubt

A Couple of Doodles and Real Life Experiences

Here are a couple of doodles I made this morning. Can any of you relate?   Kid songs get stuck in my head all day.   I used to think my mom was so grumpy when I took naps with her. This is what my Sunday nap was like. Now I understand. Mom, I'm sorry.

More Acrylic Pours

Last Saturday while the kids were napping I had a little time to experiment with more acrylic pour painting. I was able to do five paintings on different sized canvases. The first is one that I had hoped would turn out better. I had bought a larger canvas than I had ever used before, with … Continue reading More Acrylic Pours