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Bye Bye, Swing. Will She Ever Take a Good Nap for Me Again?


Photo by Laura Lee Moreau

At home, my daughter is a catnapper.  She may fall asleep nursing or drinking a bottle but if you attempt to lay her in her crib or Pack ‘N Play she will only sleep for about fifteen minutes. 

At daycare, she will take three naps a day and will sleep in the Pack ‘N Play for forty-five minutes or more.

What’s the difference? 

I’m not sure.  At daycare, she is being put down while awake.  When I attempt that at home she never falls asleep and will wail until I pick her up. 

I think most of it is that she’s used to the daycare routine since she spends five days a week there.  Abby is now big enough to crawl around and wear herself out; she has fun watching and interacting with the kids.  At home on the weekends or odd day off, she wants to constantly be around or on top of mom or dad and will try her hardest to wiggle enough to keep awake.

During my maternity leave, she would take a nap in the Pack ‘N Play (she would fall asleep nursing and I would lay her down) or nap in the swing.

The swing was a godsend! 

In the swing, she would sleep for an hour or longer.  This allowed me to fold laundry, unload the dishwasher, or read a book.  She is now almost at the weight limit of the swing so its days as our nap go-to are numbered.  As I sit here typing she is zonked out in the swing and I am sad that this might be one of her very last good naps for a while.

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I’ve tried playing soft music, white noise, and singing to her.  I’ve tried making her room dark.  I’ve tried laying her down drowsy and awake.  I’m not sure what else to try.

What do you do at nap time to get your child to sleep?

Leave me suggestions in the comments.  All wisdom shared would be greatly appreciated!





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