Bullymake Box: Subscription Review #3

Disclaimer: The subscription box I received from BULLYMAKE was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed in my post are those of mine and the dog, only.
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Ruby with my son, Oscar

Ruby is a Boxer who has been with our family for seven years. She is sweet, loves children, and absolutely loves to play. In fact, if you weren’t aware of the white hair slowly accumulating in her coat, you would think that she was still a puppy.

Ruby loves toys and is notoriously tough on them; she often destroys toys with love when she’s had them for only a few days. Stuffed animals, stretchy toys, or anything made with brittle plastic doesn’t stand a chance with this very good doggie. This is why I thought the BULLYMAKE subscription box would be perfect just for her.

According to BULLYMAKE, their company, “has been around since 2014 with a simple mission: keep power chewing dogs (and their parents) happy and satisfied. These are the dogs with a high tendency to gnaw on their toys – the playful dogs that chew for fun, and will completely rip most toys to shreds after only a little use.” Sounds like Ruby!

BULLYMAKE is a subscription company that will deliver a box to your home each month with treats and toys. Over 100,000+ dogs and their owners receive BULLYMAKE boxes.

They take their tough chewing doggie subscribers seriously, offering a 14-day guarantee on all of their products: if your dog destroys one of their toys after a few days BULLYMAKE will send your dog a new toy for free, right away. How awesome is that? If you have a pet with allergies they will send only food they are not allergic to and also have a “toys only” subscription option instead. They cater to beef, chicken, and grain allergies.

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We received the November box to review. Immediately, Ruby knew the box was for her. She looked at me expectantly with her big brown sad eyes until I opened it. Right away her sniffer was working overtime trying to figure out what was in the treat bags.

I opened the bag of drummies treats ($9) and she gobbled the few I gave her in record time, already working the puppy dog eyes and whining to have more. I then added several of the drummies to the yellow rubber acorn ($18) and let her loose to have fun.

Watch videos of Ruby enjoying her new toys, below!

She spent a long time licking, chewing, and trying to play with the acorn to get the drummies out. My son enjoyed picking up the (very) slobbery acorn and trying to play fetch with it while Ruby was kindly humoring him.

After she’d chewed on the acorn for quite a while I gave her the drumstick toy ($18). I was surprised at how heavy and hard it felt. In fact, I almost thought that she would break one of the tiles on the kitchen floor while she was wildly rolling around and hitting the floor with it. The drumstick is supposed to have a ‘delicious hickory smoke flavoring,’ but I didn’t taste it to find out, although Ruby aggressively chewed on it for about half an hour before she decided she’d take a nap. She must have liked the taste.


1 month – $39.00 a month.

3 months – $36.00 a month.

6 months – $34.00 a month.

12 months – $31.00 a month.

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The insert added to each box tells the price of the toys and gives a link to reorder the individual items at the BULLYMAKE shop.

My thoughts

The treats and toys made for one very happy dog. So far the toys have proven to be tough and have been able to stand up to a ton of playtime and still appear to have a lot of life left in them.

I love that we can add a treat or peanut butter to the acorn and give Ruby something to keep her busy and active during the day when everyone is at school or work. She seems to love them too. I also feel more comfortable giving her the BULLYMAKE toys and treats because they are all made in the USA and I don’t have to worry about questionable quality or ingredients from a foreign factory.

The customization for allergy-prone dogs and the ability to re-order a well-loved toy is fabulous.

While BULLYMAKE is great for Ruby, it is not a one-size-fits-all-dogs kind of box. It would not be ideal for small breeds or dogs who don’t care to chew.

I think the price of the subscription is definitely worth it if you compare with how much the average household with a dog who loves to chew may spend monthly on toys, shoes, or even furniture.

Check out BULLYMAKE’s website for more information!

Have you tried BULLYMAKE? I’m eager to hear your opinions on this top dog subscription service!


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