Brave New World


Well, I covered up my mistake and decided to show my painting as it is now.  I’m not quite sure if I am happy with it yet.
If you didn’t read my last post, I am referring to something I decided to add to my painting.  I still don’t like it as well as before,  but it is better than it was. 
So, I’ve been rereading Brave New World after several years.  As I was working yesterday I was thinking of the story and thought the circles looked like cells dividing and reminded me of one of the first scenes from the story where the Director of Hatcheries is giving a tour and explaining how they create the clones and condition them for their jobs and place in society.  I thought it would be cool to add a gloved had holding a test tube, and then add a Huxley quote.  At the time it seemed like a great idea, but when I added the hand it did not look as great as in my imagination.
Anyway, I thought I would post a follow up.

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