Boy, Oh Boy

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When I first became a mom I thought my daughter Abby was a pretty easy baby to care for. Sure, she didn’t sleep all through the night until she was two years old, but she was easy to handle.

The first time I took Oscar to visit work my coworker Juana asked me, “Isn’t it so different having a boy? Aren’t they so much easier than girls?” She would know, having six children of her own, half are girls and half are boys. She also has almost twenty grandchildren. At the time I thought, that’s silly, how can they be so different, especially at this age? Now I am beginning to wonder if there is some truth in what she said.

I thought Abby was an easy baby, but Oscar has totally surpassed her level of easy. Believe me, I count my lucky stars every day. The last six months haven’t been without their obstacles, but they’ve been great.

He babbles and coos, but doesn’t cry unless there is something seriously wrong. He doesn’t need to always be held, instead he loves to sit and watch other kids play, to play with is own toys, or to wiggle around on the floor. He doesn’t get upset when he has a dirty diaper. He has a smile for everyone, no matter if his gums are hurting from teething, if he is tired, or if he has a cold. Abby required being nursed or rocked to sleep all the time when she was small, Oscar allows me to place him in bed drowsy. He doesn’t need constant entertainment like his sister did.

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Maybe it isn’t so much a difference in gender, as it is a difference in their developing personalities. She is a high-energy, bouncy, easy to upset, always moving even in her sleep kind of girl. He seems to be more of a calmer, relaxed, happy-go-lucky boy.

Growing up I never pictured myself having a boy. I only ever imagined life with daughters. When I played “house,” I only pretended to have girl babies. I naively never seriously considered it a possibility (silly, right?) so when we went in for my twenty week ultrasound, the ultrasound technician hovered the wand over the area between the baby’s legs and I saw a turtle shape instead of a hamburger shape I was dumbfounded. It took a long time for me to process what the tech confirmed, I would have a boy.

Ever since he was born, Oscar has been a joy. He is the sweetest child I have ever seen. He is always happy. He wakes up with a smile each day. He has beautiful brown eyes, long black eye lashes, soft brown hair, and round, addictively kissable cheeks. I love the time we get to share together at night, snuggled up on the bed nursing, just the two of us.

I am excited to see how he grows and changes. Will he be athletic? Will he have a knack for computers like his father? Will he love all things Lego like his cousin Haden? Will he want to be a police officer like his two other boy cousins? Will he like to work with his hands like his grandfathers? Time will only tell.


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