Book Review: Sacrifice

Please note, if you are sensitive to reading about blood or graphic violence, this may not be the book for you.

How far would you go to ensure the health and well being of your family? What would you do to get out of a perilous situation and get to them?

How much would you be willing to sacrifice? This is the question asked of the main character in Kevin M. Moehring’s thriller, Sacrifice.

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Unlike my mom and sister, I don’t usually get into the thriller, murder, or mystery genres; I’m more of a historical fiction, horror, and fantasy type of gal. I’ve often found that with thrillers and mystery novels I can figure out the ‘who done it’ ending or how the story will unfold before it ends. But, the story sounded interesting and I decided to take a chance and read Sacrifice.

The day after his bachelor party, Sean wakes up to find himself handcuffed in a cell inside of an abandoned warehouse, unable to remember how and why he came to be there. The mystery begins to unravel as he is forced to do things he never thought possible in a struggle to make his way to his fiancee, Cassie, and their newborn child. From the beginning, Moehring pulls you into the story and keeps you wanting to read further and further.

Initially, I was hooked and wanted to keep reading (or in my case listening to additional chapters of the audiobook). However, after a little while, the game of life and death and hard decisions Sean was forced to play began to remind me of the Saw movies, which I admit I did not like. While I like the horror genre, I find psychological thrillers scarier than the gory stories.

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The story’s events are narrated by the main character, Sean, as he is forced to make incredibly difficult decisions and struggles with what actions he believes to be necessary and what his conscience will allow him to live with. Confronted with task after horrible task, I felt that his monologue felt a bit flat and didn’t quite contain as much deliberation, guilt, agony, and pain one would expect a person to experience in such a situation. But still, I was intrigued to find out what would happen next.

Although I have heard of stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in moments of stress and disaster, as the events unfold it is somewhat unbelievable that Sean would be able to perform all the actions he does after a night of drinking, being drugged more than once, dehydrated, and injured.

When finally meeting his captor, I can’t help but wonder why the protagonist didn’t ask ‘why?’ I would think even under duress, one would wonder the reason why they were chosen, why they were being tortured. The ‘why?’ question bothered me throughout the whole book.

I will not say more and risk giving away the ending; I will just say that the end of the novel definitely contained a twist I that I did not see coming.

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