Book Review: Max the Rabbit Plays Hide and Seek

I was recently sent a package of children’s books for review by Clever Publishing. The first book my children and I read was a board book, Max the Rabbit Plays Hide and Seek, written by Julia Shigarova and illustrated by Valentina Yaskina.

Max the Rabbit Plays Hide and Seek, written by Julia Shigarova and illustrated by Valentina Yaskina.

My children have always loved interactive books, especially board books with flaps. We usually have to read them twice, so both kids get a turn opening the flaps, otherwise, they argue and get upset.

When we began reading about Max the rabbit and his friends, the children were delighted to find that instead of flaps, this book contained removable puzzle pieces. They had fun trying to find each of Max’s friends and taking turns removing the puzzle pieces.

The illustrations were very sweet, in fact, my daughter made comments like, “Aww, look at the chick!” and “Aww, look at the cute kitty!” each time we turned the pages.

The puzzle pieces are double-sided and are used to assemble the final page. Oscar and Abby enjoyed working together to find out where Max was hiding.

Both kids enjoyed the book. In fact, after we finished our evening reading time, they both argued over who would be able to sit alone and look at the book again. For once, Oscar the youngest won.

He quickly ran off with the book and placed it in his favorite hiding spot. He loves to hide behind the drapes in the dining room, between the sliding glass door and the dining room table. Here he keeps his favorite toys, Lighting McQueen, Buzz and Woody, and PJ Masks figurines. He sat behind the drapes and looked at the book again, then left it with his prized toys when it was time for bed. I think it is safe to say that he loves Max the Rabbit Plays Hide and Seek.

Since then, we’ve had to read the book and assemble the small puzzle multiple times. The book says it is for children aged 0-3, but my four-year-old has loved it too. This is a great book for young children, especially those who love books and puzzles like mine.

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Disclaimer: I kindly received the book and materials from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation for my opinion and the views expressed above are mine and those of my family.

Details about the book:

ISBN: 978-1-948418-07-02

Publisher: Clever Publishing

Publication date: 2/5/2019

Length: 10 pages

Price: $7.99

Have you and your family read this book? I would love to hear your take on the story! Let me know your opinion in the comments below.


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