A Year of Abby


Photo by Kelley Bozarth.  From http://www.unsplash.com


Abby turned a year old last week.  It is hard to believe how much has changed in just a year’s time.  The teeny tiny yawning baby laid on my chest at the hospital has changed into a silly, babbling, always moving, into everything toddler.  Our house has gone from a place full of cool stuff to a place where everything breakable is now at adult shoulder height, all corners are covered in round pieces of foam, and every spare spot is full of sippy cups, Sesame Street characters, board books, toys, and miniature furniture that seems to multiply at an exponential rate.  The couple that used to go to concerts and Comic Cons, spend Saturday nights at the movies, or binge watch TV shows has been replaced by two tired parents on auto-drive and fueled by coffee, never able to finish a movie in one sitting (or two), and who have memorized all the words to the Little Einsteins and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood theme songs.

I love every moment spent with Abby.  I love watching her discover her world.  She looks at everything with such wonder.  She is brave and plunges into everything, from the swimming pool to new situations, head first without fear.  She is loving and affectionate, always hugging the older kids at daycare.  Abby smiles and says, “Hi!” with a wave to everyone she sees while sitting in the cart at the grocery store or out riding in her stroller.  Although she has not been walking long, she gets where she wants to go, and if she falls down she gets right back up and continues on without a whimper.   She loves to help me fold laundry, which basically consists of unfolding everything I have already folded five times.  She loves to dance and loves music.  It is so much fun to watch her and my husband dancing around the living room to “All About That Bass” or “Uptown Funk.”

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Abby has made me a better person.  Even though I may wake up groggy and grumpy at 5:00 a.m., her ornery little smile and the way she wraps her little arms around my neck and squeezes me tight makes me happy right away.  She has taught me that it is OK to just sit and play; I don’t need to be multitasking all of the time.  I love to point out all kinds of fun, beautiful, or wondrous things to her each day, just to watch her reaction.  She has given me the gift of learning to have more patience.  I try to be healthier by eating better and exercising more so she has a healthy role model to look up to.  I find myself being incredibly silly just to get her to smile.  Each day I feel like I change as much as she does.

It’s been a great year.  I’m so excited for the next.


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