A Game of Musical Beds: Nighttime Parenting Fun

Last night everyone in the house was grumpy. I had a headache, my husband was tired, my son had sore gums, and my daughter didn’t have a nap after preschool. I made the executive decision that everyone was going to bed early after dinner. What I didn’t know is that we were going to play a game of musical beds all night long.

Around and around we go, where we stop, no one knows.

I tried to put my son to sleep while my husband lay with our daughter to help her go to sleep as she’s recently become afraid of the dark, even though there are now technically five nightlights in her bedroom plus a flashlight under her pillow.

After Oscar fell asleep I transferred him to his bed and I returned to mine, enjoying the having the bed to myself and starfishing right in the middle. There was no one to kick me in the face, no one snoring loudly in my ear, and no one pulling handfuls of my hair. It was heavenly. I slept well until Oscar woke again three hours later.

I sat and held him on the sofa, hoping to get him back to sleep and back into his bed. I heard my husband make his way across the hall from Abby’s bedroom to ours. When I placed Oscar in the crib he woke and cried. “Maaaaaamaaaaa! Mama!” I sat on the sofa with him again and fell asleep for a while, but then I gingerly attempted to transfer Oscar back into his own bed without waking him or stepping on a creaky floorboard on the way out of his bedroom.

While I was sleeping on the sofa my daughter had snuck out of her room and into my bed. I didn’t hear her do this, but I noticed her stretched out on my side of the bed when returned to my bedroom to sleep. She, my husband, and I slept in our bed for a half-hour until Oscar awoke again. My daughter, the smallest person in bed, somehow was able to take up over half of the bed with her favorite pillow, Poodle-Oddle (her pink stuffy poodle), and her blanket so I was laying in a half-on/half-off the bed position.

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By this time my back was really aching from sleeping uncomfortably in both my own bed and on the sofa. I took Oscar into Abby’s twin bed and attempted to sleep some more. We were able to sleep for an additional two hours before Abby bound into the room and jumped onto the bed and onto my stomach. What a way to wake up.

“Guys, guys! Why are you in my bed?” she asked. “Guys, let’s go play! It’s time to get up, c’mon!” I looked at my watch and saw the time was 5:28 a.m.

“Just go play in the living room or watch TV,” I barked, “Let your brother and I sleep longer.”

“But I can’t! I want you guys to come with me!” she exclaimed as she began to bounce up and down on top of me. “Get up now!

I covered my head with the Trolls pillow, “Go play games on the tablet. Go find a coloring book. Just let us sleep- if you love someone, you let them sleep.”

You can probably guess where this story is going. The bossy four-year-old won and Oscar and I got up to play. I tried to sneak back to sleep on the sofa as they watched Netflix and played with cars and dinosaurs on the floor, but no luck.

Maybe tonight I will find my way to the bed in the basement and let everyone else play musical beds. Just kidding, they’ll find me.


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