30 Day Diet Challenge


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If you remember I posted a while back about wanting to work hard to be a healthy role model for my daughter.  So for the last three weeks or so I have really been complacent about watching what I eat…  Honestly, I have let all self-control go out the window and have eaten anything and everything I have wanted.  As a result, I have felt really crappy, my clothes have started to get tighter, and I have just been generally unhappy (not usually when stuffing a ton of chocolate in my mouth, but afterwards).
I decided this morning that it is time to get back to the gym.  A friend posted on Facebook that they have started a 30 day diet challenge and I think since it is the beginning of the workweek I will join in and hopefully it will kick start me into feeling better.

30 Day Challenge:
-No chips (easy, I don’t eat chips)
-No sodas (easy, I don’t drink soda)
-No diet sodas
-No chocolate (yikes! Chocolate is like a food group!)
-No candy
-No white breads
-No cookies or biscuits
-No fast food
-No cakes, pastries, or muffins (there’s cake in my fridge right now so this will be hard when the snack cravings start at night)

Here we go!

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