30 Day Challenge Results: My Chocolate Addiction


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Day 1:
Going into this I know it isn’t going to be easy, but I’m excited about starting the challenge and hoping when I am done I will have made some positive changes.

Day 2:
At work in the afternoon I am jonesing for some chocolate.  It becomes all I can think about.  I eat a banana and peanut butter as a snack and feel satisfied.
Later I am reading e-mails and answering phone calls and start feeling very stressed out.  The urge for chocolate returns tenfold.   I go for another hour before I give in and buy some chocolate and eat way too much.  I eat it when I am pumping so my coworkers don’t see me and know I already blew the challenge, and my calorie goal for the day.
I feel terrible that I gave in already and realize that I do have a sugar addiction, particularly chocolate.  I know I use chocolate as a crutch and a stress reliever.

Day 3:
Knowing that I failed yesterday makes me try harder and stay strong today.

Day 4:
I do well all morning,  workout during my lunch break, and have a great salad for lunch.  Late afternoon I get stressed out and reach for chocolate.  I manage to eat just a piece instead of a whole bag.

Day 5:
Right away it starts out as a tough day.  I have oatmeal and coffee for breakfast and then fruit and yogurt once I get to work.  An important project keeps me at my desk most of the day and my thoughts keep going back to finding something to munch on.  By lunch I give in and have a cookie… or three.

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Day 6:
Saturday at home helps me stay on track.  I can’t go to the cafeteria or a vending machine to cheat on the challenge.

Day 7:
I have a little bit of chocolate ice cream in the evening but otherwise well all day.

So I pretty much sucked at the first week (or two) of the challenge.  I already knew that I use food as a crutch, a drug, but I didn’t really realize just how much, particularly chocolate.  I found that I was thinking (obsessing) over chocolate a lot.

I started to change the way I thought about the challenge.  Instead of finishing the challenge as my goal, I decided to use my desire for losing 20 pounds as my end goal and the challenge as a tool to accomplish that. During the next week I do better and only give in to chocolate once.  I did try to workout more consistently and feel like that has helped.  In this last week I have been focusing on getting in all my recommended servings of vegetables and fruits and have felt so full that I haven’t wanted to give in to cravings.
I have lost 5 pounds and feel better.  I think I would be open to doing another 30 day challenge,  but probably one that is not as strict.
Have you ever tried a challenge like this?  How did it turn out for you?


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