In my house growing up, one could often hear a variety of very colorful curses. Even now, when talking to my parents on speaker phone I must remind them that little ears are listening.

I was never allowed to swear, but my mind filed away many of my dad’s best. As an adult I swear all the time, though not always aloud, and it just happens so naturally that at first I didn’t even notice it. I really became aware of how my family’s vocabulary is not the norm when I started dating my husband. I have only heard his mom swear twice, once when she burned her finger while cooking and the other time she said, “No shit?!” when we announced at Christmas that we were pregnant with our first child.

I have tried so incredibly hard not to swear in front of my kids… which is especially hard when I drive them to their grandparents’ house before and after work each day. I don’t know why, but driving seems to bring out the cursing in me like nothing else, but I have succeeded in keeping a lid on it. Only once have I been unable to hold it in, and I said the word ‘freaking,’ which to some might not be a big deal but I felt awful. Sure enough, right away my daughter picked up on it and repeated it like a little parrot.

I have always figured that I would be the first to uncontrollably blurt out a swear word. Surely, my calm, collected, level-headed, quiet husband who never swears wouldn’t be the first to say a word that could never be taken back and would certainly be repeated by my children at the most inopportune situation.

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But, no! It was him!

I must admit, when I heard him say very frustratedly over the baby monitor, “Quit your damned kicking!” during a major fit Abby was having at bedtime where she was screaming and flopping around on the bed like a pissed off fish (after several other fits that evening), I did a little happy dance. When she had finally fallen asleep he came into the living room and I gave him a high-five. He didn’t find my amusement all that funny. Then he confessed that it wasn’t the first time he had sworn in front of the kids.

OK, I’m sure some of you out there doesn’t find this very amusing, but I’m for some of you it may hit close to home. Have you cursed in front of your kids? How did you handle the situation? Do you allow your kids to curse?


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