What’s in my Bag?


I’ve seen many “What’s in my Bag? type posts and think they are kind of fun, but I haven’t written one, until now.

Here’s my bag:


It is a Simply Noelle buttery light tan leather tote. I bought it on Thursday in the gift shop at the hospital where I work. It was pricier than I prefer to spend, but it seemed like a nice quality bag, I had a 30% off birthday coupon, and birthday cash that I had been saving to use on something I wanted, but wouldn’t normally buy.

After having kids, none of the previous purses that I’ve owned have had enough room to carry everything – I used to carry a small over the shoulder Coach purse just big enough for a small wallet and keys – but those days are gone.

Prior to buying my new bag, I had been lugging around an old black canvas L.L. Bean backpack with my wallet, essentials, and diapers & wipes. [Insert big mom purse jokes here – really, all the crap you have to carry around with kids is crazy]. The backpack gets the job done, but I have been wanting to find a bag with a lot of room yet nice and more professional-looking to be carrying into work. My other requirement was that it have a zipper so that I wouldn’t lose anything and my kids couldn’t take anything out of it.

I liked this bag because it was plain, yet had the interesting braided straps. It had the required zipper and enough room to carry diapers, wipes, and such. I can even fit my laptop and charging cord, although it is too large to zip. I will often blog on my lunch break so being able to carry my laptop without using a second bag is a plus.

I also love that it has an inside strap to hook my keys on, making them easy to find so I don’t have to root around the bottom of my purse. The inside pocket is nice to carry my sunglasses and there is a zippered pocket which fits my phone nicely and is easy to reach if needed. It came with an over the shoulder strap, which will come in handy when I need my hands free.


Inside my purse:

  • Keys


  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses
  • Notebook


  • Purse organizer containing my migraine & seizure meds, phone charger, an emergency pacifier, hand sanitizer, diapers, wipes, bobby pins, hair ties, kleenex, and a pen


  • Lots of candy from my kids’ Easter eggs (thanks, Grandma)


  • My phone

I always keep a hard covered notebook with me so I can make lists or write down things I need to remember on the go. My favorite are Moleskine notebooks with an elastic strap to keep the book closed, find them here on Amazon for $14.19. I also have a smaller version that I keep on my nightstand to write down ideas when inspiration arises or I think of something in the night that I should not forget.

My wallet is another Simply Noelle product, which I bought on sale for 75% off last summer when all the spring colors went on sale. My sunglasses are $5.00 J.C. Penney’s clearance cheapies that I bought one day while shopping after my daughter had broken my others.

I love my Hoxis purse organizer because I can quickly pull it out and place it in another purse or diaper bag. It has snaps so it can be expandable if necessary, and it holds a lot of stuff. I bought mine on Amazon for $7.90.

As you can see there is still plenty of room inside after adding all my essentials (and removing all of the Easter candy).


What kind of bag do you carry? Do you have a “mom purse?”

What’s in your bag?



2 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag?

  1. Laurel says:

    Great post!

    I haven’t carried a “mom purse” in years as my son is already almost 17. I still have a big bag and I carry wipes and hand sanitizer just for myself or for any possible accidents I might have. LoL. Also I have to have a place for some small cosmetics for touch ups.


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