I Love Having a Son

Growing up, I never doubted that I would have children, and I always knew that I would have two girls. I believed that girls were fun, they didn’t like gross stuff, they smelled better, played nicer… Can you tell that my only sibling was a girl? I didn’t have any close male cousins or friends.

Well, welcome to the real world. Not much happens like we planned it when we were ten years old. Instead, the universe gave me both a girl and a boy.

I remember tearing up as I looked at the tiny baby wiggling around on ultrasound screen; the technician hadn’t yet told my husband and I that we were having a boy, but I could tell from the images. Don’t get me wrong, I knew I would love my child as absolutely wholeheartedly and fiercely as is possible, but what am I going to do? I thought, I don’t know what to do with a boy!

Fast forward over a year and I feel much more confident about mothering and bonding with my second child. I can’t imagine my life without him. Looking back now, the time before he was born seems somewhat empty because he wasn’t there, even though at the time it didn’t feel so.

Just like his sister, he is so sweet, funny, and loves cuddles. Like her, he loves macaroni and cheese, watching PJ Masks, and dancing. But unlike his sister, he is all boy.

I try not to steer my children to stereotypical gender norms. I want them to discover themselves rather than let society decide for them. If my daughter wants to play football, why not? If my son wants to sleep with a Cabbage Patch doll, why not?

Oscar naturally gravitates to “boy” things. He can literally spend hours playing with Hot Wheels cars on the living room floor. He carries armfuls of dinosaurs wherever he goes. He is fiercely protective of his soccer ball and basketball. He loves to watch trains, firetrucks, dumptrucks, and bulldozers on TV. When sitting at the table for meals he loves to fart loudly and then laugh big belly laughs, looking around to make sure everyone else thought it was as funny as he did.

It is not unusual to find dinosaurs in between my bed sheets or police cars in my bathroom. He tries to follow Grandpa everywhere and loves to try to stand in Daddy’s shoes.

He is so adventurous and ornery. Oscar makes me smile so much. He lights up any room. He is so full of joy. Even without all these things, he is absolutely perfect. Now I can’t understand my previous doubt about having a male child. I am a proud mama and I love having a son.


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