Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Yesterday evening I stayed late at work to interview a potential new associate for an open position. While waiting we were making small talk and she asked me how long I had been in my current job. I told her four years, but I had been working at the hospital in various positions for seventeen … Continue reading Flattery Will Get You Everywhere


Accepting ‘Good Enough’ and Letting Go of the Associated Mom Guilt

Naturally as parents we try to give our kids everything we can, and not only everything, but the best of everything that we can provide. I know I myself sometimes get carried away with trying to make sure everything is just right, whether it is how a bedroom is decorated, how a meal is put … Continue reading Accepting ‘Good Enough’ and Letting Go of the Associated Mom Guilt

Get Your Flu Shot!

Today I got my Flu shot. Have you had yours yet? Last year I had both Influenza A and B, even though I had received a Flu shot. I felt like I had been hit by a train, but I was grateful that I had been vaccinated because had I not, I would have felt … Continue reading Get Your Flu Shot!


In my house growing up, one could often hear a variety of very colorful curses. Even now, when talking to my parents on speaker phone I must remind them that little ears are listening. I was never allowed to swear, but my mind filed away many of my dad's best. As an adult I swear … Continue reading #&@*$

Sunday Playdate Recap

This last Sunday was a cold and rainy day. In the afternoon we met up with another mom and three of Abby and Oscar's previous daycare playmates at McDonald's. The kids hadn't seen each other since we attended a birthday party at their house a little over a month ago. The girls seemed to have … Continue reading Sunday Playdate Recap

6 Baby Items That Were a Waste and 6 I Would Buy Again

I remember feeling completely lost when registering for gifts for my baby shower. I had no idea what stuff I needed and what I could live without. Did I need a walker? Baby powder? What kind of bottles? What size clothes? How many diapers? Between a baby shower at work and one thrown by family, … Continue reading 6 Baby Items That Were a Waste and 6 I Would Buy Again

My October Goals

How is it October already? My, how this year has passed so quickly! I recently had my yearly evaluation at work, where I had to choose two new goals for the year ahead. I decided to carry this forward to my life at home, but to choose new goals on a monthly basis. This month … Continue reading My October Goals