More Acrylic Pours

Last Saturday while the kids were napping I had a little time to experiment with more acrylic pour painting. I was able to do five paintings on different sized canvases.

The first is one that I had hoped would turn out better. I had bought a larger canvas than I had ever used before, with the intention of hanging it in my living room. I had never tried a swipe technique before, but after watching several YouTube videos I was eager to give it a try.

I didn’t achieve any large cells and I don’t care for the obvious swipe path that is seen. Maybe the white I used for swiping was too thick, maybe I used too much pressure with my wet paper towel. The copper color I used just looks dull and a weird shade of brown.

The next painting I quite like. The colors are bold and bright. I used a dirty pour flip cup technique.

These three are each 8x10s and I used exactly the same colors. It is interesting how they each look very different. They were all three made side by side using a dirty pour flip cup technique.

The final painting I will show you is my favorite and one that I recently created while experimenting with blank space. I used a black canvas and used some color shift paints, which turned out really cool.


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