Monkey See, Monkey Do

Photo by Liz Bridges. From:

I have had a sensitive stomach from morning sickness for a couple of weeks.  So far it hasn’t been too bad and I’ve only had to run to the bathroom a couple times.  Yesterday happened to be one of those times. 

Abby and I were playing with her kitchen set and she had been handing me all sorts of tiny plates and cups full of imaginary food.  The Reuben sandwich I had eaten for lunch wasn’t sitting too well with me but I thought I could power through.

Eventually I knew I couldn’t.  Abby was distracted playing so I went down the hall to the bathroom.  She must have heard me making funny noises and came to investigate.   

“Hi, Mommy!” She sings as she runs into the room.  I continued heaving and feeling ill as I bent over the toilet.  Immediately she stops and watches me, head cocked to the side, with a worried look on her face and concerned about what I am doing.  Then, she smiles.  

I flush, stand up, and turn to the sink to wash my hands.  As I turn on the water I hear, “Bleegh bleegh, ugh.”  She had positioned herself as I was, hunched over the round clothes basket in the corner.  She held her stomach with both hands and again says, “Bleegh bleegh, ugh,” acting as though she were sick and throwing up.  She was actually doing a pretty convincing job mimicking me.  

“Silly girl, are you acting like Mommy?”  I ask.  She turns and grins at me before running out of the bathroom and back to her toys.  

Even though I was feeling bad she made me laugh.  That’s one of the things I love best about being a mom- no matter how rough things are or how bad I feel, there is always a little person that can make me smile and feel better.


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