Morning Cuddles


My little stinker did not want to sleep alone all day yesterday or last night. Twice I tried to get her to nap alone and had so much screaming and tears.  When it came time for bed she woke up and was very upset each of the six times I tried to get her to sleep in her crib.  She woke up every time I put her down.  Eventually my own tiredness won out and we snuggled the rest of the night.  I am not giving up but, man, this teething period is hard. 
This morning she woke with a big smile but I know she was tired.  As I was getting ready for work she fell asleep with her toys, something she hasn’t done in several months.  She was so cuddly I hated to wake her up to put her in her carseat. I wish I could have spent today snuggling with her.


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