Separation Anxiety


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I walk in the door and sit her car seat on the rug.  Immediately, Abby looks up at me and gives me a look like I have betrayed her.  Her eyes well up with tears and her bottom lip sticks out.  I get down and my knees and tell her to be a good girl today.  She lets out a painful sounding shriek.   I kiss her forehead and whisper, “I love you,” only to hear her shriek louder.
For the last two weeks she has done this each time I drop her off at daycare.   Her babysitter tells me she quits as soon as I am out the door and she is out of her carseat.  She forgets I leave her as she begins to play with the other children, but I don’t forget.  Even though this has been our morning routine for two weeks it still feels like the first time every day.  She sure knows how to pull on mama’s heartstrings.


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